Inaugural Blog

By Ed de St. Aubin and Trish Johnson

The Psychology Department of Marquette University has decided to begin a blog.  The goal is to send out a blog on the first and third Friday of each month.  These missives are meant to inform interested readers – graduates of the psychology department, the wider Marquette community, and those interested in the science and practice of Psychology – about happenings in the department and in the discipline.

There is so much fascinating research and clinical work going on in the department that we want to tell others about our efforts and we want to encourage dialogue and community building.  Our thought at this time is that the blogs – authored by department faculty, students, and graduates – will each focus on one of the many happenings in the department or in the wider field of Psychology.  What is going on in the Autism lab?  How is the ADHD clinic reaching out to ethnic minority clients?  What are these new brain imaging techniques and how will that advance the science?  What are the undergraduates’ favorite courses? Where are some of our graduates now?  Who is this new faculty member? And so on.

But we remain open to the idea that the blog may become something a bit different. We strongly encourage YOU to contact us and let us know what you want to hear about. Faculty member Ed de St. Aubin (414-288-2143) and Department Administrator Trish Johnson will work together to get the blogs posted and to archive them on the department’s web pages.

So, welcome to the new blog. Happy reading. And please do contact us with any ideas or reactions you might have.

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