Faculty Spotlight: Dr. James Hoelzle

   By: Lauren Gallagher

Personal History:

Dr. Hoelzle began his psychology career as an undergraduate at the University of Illinois where he worked in two research labs that focused on child psychopathology and sibling relationships.  After applying to graduate programs in pediatric psychology, his interests led him to the University of Toledo.  There, he discovered his love for assessment. Dr. Hoelzle had always been interested in the fields of medicine and psychology but was unsure how to combine these interests. The answer was neuropsychological assessment. With the support of his advisor, he was allowed to pursue this interest. They remain in contact today and periodically collaborate on projects.

Dr. Hoelzle’s next dilemma was deciding whether he wanted to work in an academic environment or at an academic medical center.  Although he knew he wanted to live in a metropolitan city for personal reasons, he wondered if he would be able to find an academic environment that was a good fit?  The perfect combination was discovered at Marquette. Here, Dr. Hoelzle gets to work with students (which he loves!) and can share stories of his clinical work, for which he has an obvious passion.

Classes Taught:

Principles of Psychological Testing
Adult Assessment

Also oversees graduate students as a clinic supervisor.


When Dr. Hoelzle is not attending to the needs of his students, he is working on his own research.  He is mostly interested in learning how assessment data gives possible warning signs to clinical outcomes.  In his lab, functioning adults are tested to learn about the strengths and limitations of neuropsychological tests. Dr. Hoelzle is also interested in how neuropsychological measures relate to one another and can be used in the diagnostic process.  For example, adults being evaluated for ADHD might be administered multiple neuropsychological tests  and it is unclear which performances are most helpful to consider so that an accurate diagnosis is made. His goal is to lead clinicians to more cost-effective and better-focused assessment.

Favorite Part About Teaching at Marquette:

“Seeing students think about future plans and how they will make contributions to society.  It is exciting to see them take the next step.”

Future Aspirations:

In the near future, Dr. Hoelzle hopes to further develop relationships with the Medical College of Wisconsin and the Milwaukee VA Medical Center to do more collaborative work.  He values the skills of working on a team and thinks that his research at Marquette will benefit greatly by working with others.  Dr. Hoelzle has enjoyed settling into the Milwaukee community and looks forward to making it his long-term home.


MCW                                                                                       Milwaukee

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